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Yux先生's resume
Select | More than 4 years Work Experience | Associate | Guangdong Shenzhen
  • Yux先生
  • Gender:male
  • HUKOU:GuiZhou BiJie
  • Degree:Associate
  • Current Location:Shenzhen
  • Marital Status:Single
  • Work Experience:More than 4 years
  • Date of Birth:1983-11-10
  • Specializes areas:Two years of extensive electronic experience. two years of design charger and adapter area. Familiar with the Power switching devices, magnetics and design, dc/dc converter topologies, Power train design and analysis, analog and digital circuits. Good experience in EMI and project management. Skilled in use of Protel99, PowerPCB AutoCAD and Office software. Aggressive, independent and be able to work under a dynamic environment. Have coordination skills, teamwork spirit. Selfless dedication are my greatest strengths. And Good knowledge in test method/principle of ICT, FT, Hipot, Burn in test;
  • Desired Type of Employment:Full-time
  • Desired Company Position:Development of communications equipment Device development for computer Development of Consumer Electronics Development of Instrument IC manufacture Power supply
  • Desired Position:Select
  • Desired Location
  • Desired Type of Employment:Select
  • Expected Salary:5000-10000
  • Expect Position
  • Time Of Arrival:In 2 weeks
Sucessful Cases Description
  • ok!The initiative and strong sense of responsibility, be good at communication with the spirit of teamwork;  being honest and trustworthy, patient and meticulous on work, time of change I'm cautious and can reason very clearly.
Highest Education Background
Work Experience
2007-06-01 - 至今
  • Company Name:PI
  • Type Of Company:Suppier
  • Department:research and development
  • Title:Electronic Engineer
  • Company Address:GuangDong ShenZhen
  • The Scale Of Enterprise:More than 200
  • Desired Position:Technology development
  • Salary:5000-10000
Job Description:SHARP LED TV backlighting power development, testing, EMI rectification. Apple computer display backlight power the United States and Japan, Sharp LCD TV Combo Power Company (4 lights, 10 lights, 16 lights, 100W ~ 300W) fujitsu (Fujitsu) LCD backlight power research and development and successful production. PC power-aided design and product improvement, half-bridge switching power supply 150W ~ 450W anomaly analysis and improvement of testing, the Inverter with the project in recent models of excellent quality, is fujitsu (Fujitsu) as the A-class suppliers. Aided design twin Forward 600W ~ 1400W 80Puls power and small power supply (flyback 60W). And bulk import.
2005-05-20 - 2007-05-20
  • Company
  • Type Of Company:Suppier
  • Department:Resurch&Engineering department
  • Title:Electronic Engineer
  • Company Address:GuangDong DongGuan
  • The Scale Of Enterprise:More than 200
  • Desired Position:Technology development
  • Salary:2000-2999
Job Description:Responsible for the project designing for the pc power and adapter. Created the Specification and testing plan. Support new product line introduction. Provide technical support to customer. Analysis and solving the products problems.
Language Skill
  • Languages:English
  • Reading&Writing:proficient
Major Way Of Contact