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Eve先生's resume
Project manager Technology management | More than 8 years Work Experience | Associate | Guangdong Shenzhen
  • Eve先生
  • Gender:male
  • HUKOU:Gansu JinChang
  • Degree:Associate
  • Current Location:Shenzhen
  • Marital Status:Single
  • Work Experience:More than 8 years
  • Date of Birth:1978-01-28
  • Specializes areas:Be familiar with design magnetic, and managment team.
  • Desired Type of Employment:Full-time
  • Desired Company Position:Design and Manufacture of Electric parties
  • Desired Position:Project manager Technology management
  • Desired Location: GUANGDONG
  • Desired Type of Employment:Others
  • Expected Salary:More than 10000
  • Expect Position
  • Time Of Arrival:In 1 month
Sucessful Cases Description
  • I master special knowledge on my college.
Highest Education Background
1998-09-01 - 2001-06-30
  • School Name:lanzhou technology college
  • Degree:Associate
  • Major:Electric Engineering and Automation
  • Description:I master special knowledge on my college.
Work Experience
2001-07-19 - 2003-04-16
  • Company Name:PinTian exact equipment factory
  • Type Of Company:Others
  • Department:quality department
  • Title:Quality Engineer
  • Company Address:Guangdong shenzhen
  • The Scale Of Enterprise:More than 200
  • Desired Position:Others
  • Salary:2000-2999
Job Description:This company main produce plastic production,eg, PET,Sponge,two side pastern, etc..,they main are used on printer,camera,main customer is Janpanese stated company. My main responsibility is to control process to reduce defect production and solve customer complaint.
2003-06-12 - 2005-05-20
  • Company Name:Artesyn Thechnology
  • Type Of Company:Others
  • Department:manufacture department
  • Title:Manufacutre Engineer
  • Company Address:Guangdong Zhongshan
  • The Scale Of Enterprise:More than 200
  • Desired Position:Technology support
  • Salary:4000-4999
Job Description:During this company: 1. Full understand all process on building magnetic (insert magnetic, SMD magnetic...), and can design fixture to improve production efficiency. 2. Be familiar with tester, and also can design this tested fixture for testing. 3. Experience ROHS experiment. 4. Gain Artesyn star due to good job.
2005-05-26 - 2008-07-23
  • Company Name:Astec power
  • Type Of Company:Others
  • Department:mangetic design department
  • Title:mangetic design engineer / team leader
  • Company Address:Guangdong shenzhen
  • The Scale Of Enterprise:More than 200
  • Desired Position:Technology support
  • Salary:5000-10000
Job Description:Our company main produce power supply for desktop,telcom, also produce charger, adaptor. Main customer are IBM,DELL,Sun microsystem,Notel.My responsibility is design magnetic on power supply. 1.Be familar with foreign company's procedure,and can use effective method to inspirit everyone of our team to achieve their job. 2.Can arrange better project to train newer,and let them start own job during the shortest time. 3.Be familiar with forward and flyback magnetic design, and know to how to design SMD magnetic. 4.Be familar with safety requirement,material charactericst,cost control, and base on my experience on manufacturer,can optimize magnetic,let it have higher manufacturity.
Language Skill
  • Languages:English
  • Reading&Writing:average
Major Way Of Contact