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wil先生's resume
Technology development Technology support Project manager Technology management | More than 10 years Work Experience | Bachelor | Guangdong Huizhou
  • wil先生
  • Gender:male
  • HUKOU:Hu Nan YueYang
  • Degree:Bachelor
  • Current Location:Huizhou
  • Marital Status:Married
  • Work Experience:More than 10 years
  • Date of Birth:1970-09-08
  • Specializes areas:Be familiar with characteristic LED, Proficient in design all kinds of LED driver
  • Desired Type of Employment:Full-time
  • Desired Company Position:Development of communications equipment Development of Instrument
  • Desired Position:Technology development Technology support Project manager Technology management
  • Desired Location: GUANGDONG
  • Desired Type of Employment:Others
  • Expected Salary:Negotiable
  • Expect Position
  • Time Of Arrival:In 1 month
Sucessful Cases Description
  •  Lead engineer troop design to finished 5-800W DC-AC Converter, 25/20A, <br>25.5V/45A, 8V/3A RCC, 7V/4A RCC, 19V/1.2ARCC, 4W (3-18V/1-0.3A RCC noY-cap & no photo-coupler)switching power supply, Changer of intelligent toothbrush, 2W electronic energy saving Lamp, 300W medical<br>treatment power supply (AC-DC+DC-AC), 240W industry power supply 48V/5A).Participate in design <br>1000W industry power supply.<br>
  • 1.My body is in good condition, Personality of easy going with people, like learning new things, serious and responsible work;I revel in power supply technology, as a R & D engineer, I have worked in domain of switching power supply adapter,changer, DC-DC, AC-DC, DC-AC converter for more than 10 years.
    2.Fluent in reading and translating English technology material;
    3.Be familiar with characteristic LED, Proficient in design all kinds of LED driver such as: constant voltage, constant current, constant voltage & constant current, isolation & non-isolation buck, boost, buck-boost,power range from 1W to 300W;
    4.I have accumulated rich working experiences and good solution skills in controlling stability of power supply, dynamic characteristic, ripple and noise, power supply heat-sink, EMI; in application of PFC, synchronous rectification and in parallel symmetrical current and electromagnetic power converting;
    5.Proficient in office software such as: Protel99, PADS2005, PowerLogic, PowerPCB, AutoCAD, mathCAD, SIMetrix Intro, PSIM, Excel, Word software etc;
    6.Familiar with batteries structure, charge and discharging character of Ni-Cd, NI-MH, Li-ion, Lead-acid etc;
    7.Great knowledge on powersupply developing principles and related EMC/safety standards;
    8.I have accumulated rich management experiment as design team leader, I wholeheartedly determined in the development of electronic products, the switching power supply has a strong interest in switching power supply with product development process such as controlling product quality, reduce design and manufacture cost, reduce stock , increase competition for market, increase power density of product, increase efficiency and power factor, delay operation life of product, improve safety and EMC performance of product.
Highest Education Background
1990-09-01 - 1994-07-01
  • School Name:Xi Nan Nationality University application electronics
  • Degree:Bachelor
  • Major:application electronics
  • Description:Basic of circuit , Eelectrotechnics, machine drawing, basic of computer, analog circut, digital circuit, high frequency circuit, low frequency circuit and so on.
Work Experience
1994-10-03 - 1997-09-03
  • Company Name:No. Chemistry construct instrument meter
  • Type Of Company:Suppier
  • Department:Engineering department
  • Title:Mechanic
  • Company Address:Hunan Yueyang
  • The Scale Of Enterprise:More than 200
  • Desired Position:Others
  • Salary:Negotiable
Job Description:Stick up for equipment.
1997-10-03 - 2002-10-03
  • Company Name:XX Electronic Co., LTD
  • Type Of Company:Suppier
  • Department:R&D Department
  • Title:R&D engineer
  • Company Address:GuangDong Dongguan
  • The Scale Of Enterprise:More than 200
  • Desired Position:Sales
  • Salary:Negotiable
Job Description:Responsibilities: 1. The improvement of old products, SCH design and PCB Layout; 2. Samples making and follow-up, testing, Materiel approval and deal with customer complain; 3. Organize and arrange all kinds of training as planned providing promotion opportunities for the staff at key post to boost their enthusiasm and morale. Achievements: 1. Independence design to finished 15W, 30W, 50W, 60W, 120W switching power supply adapter; 2. Independence design to finished 2-5W Mobile Telephone charger and 6-24V/(5-1.5A) Lead Battery constant current & constant voltage charger; 3. Independence design to finished DC-DC auto-car changer; 4. Independence design to finished EI28-EI76UL/GS series linear regulated adapter; 5. Independence design to finished 15-60W electronic energy saving lamp.
2002-12-03 - 2004-12-03
  • Company Name:PI technology park
  • Type Of Company:Suppier
  • Department:DE department
  • Title:Project manage
  • Company Address:GuangDong Shenzhen
  • The Scale Of Enterprise:More than 200
  • Desired Position:Technology development
  • Salary:Negotiable
Job Description:Responsibilities: 1. Organizes the whole team to develop and revise switching power supply; 2. Provide or seek for the necessary support For my subordinate as much as possible to facilitate their work; 3. Design review for new projects; confirm development schedule. Achievements: 1. Lead engineer troop design to finished 5-800W DC-AC Converter, 25/20A, 25.5V/45A, 8V/3A RCC, 7V/4A RCC, 19V/1.2ARCC, 4W (3-18V/1-0.3A RCC no Y-cap & no photo-coupler) Switching power supply; 2. Lead engineer troop design to finished Changer of intelligent toothbrush, 2W electronic energy saving Lamp, 300W medical treatment power supply (AC-DC+DC-AC); 3. 240W industry power supply (48V/5A).Participate in design 1000W industry power supply.
2004-12-03 - 至今
  • Company Name: xx Electronic LTD
  • Type Of Company:Suppier
  • Department:R & D department
  • Title:manager
  • Company Address:GuangDong Dongguan
  • The Scale Of Enterprise:More than 200
  • Desired Position:Project manager
  • Salary:Negotiable
Job Description:Responsibilities: 1. Leads the research and development department towards to develop more effective and higher-quality power supply products; 2. Inspires the whole R&D team in the design and development of the product such as SCH, PCB, mechanical, components, and safety, and resolves issues that affect the performance of the products or models under development; 3. Put into effect and review 8S; 4. Design review for new projects; 5. And other departments in close collaboration to ensure that the entire product on schedule to achieve the relevant objectives; 6. Constitute research plan, confirm technology program; 7. New products certification, EMI/EMS processing and technical countermeasures; 8. Deal with customer complain; 9. The improvement of old products, samples making, testing and follow-up. Achievements: 1. Lead engineer troop design to finished 5W, 18W(RCC), 60W, 90W, 200W, 300W series new product; 2. Lead engineer troop design to finished DC-DC(20W) Changer of auto-car; 3. Lead engineer troop design to finished 50W single PFC LED driver; 4. Design to finished 120W, 150W LED road lamp driver for kingsun-china. Efficiency is as high as 95%; 5. Improve fail after blow out input AC 90V & 264V about 3W, 7.5W, 12W, 36W, 48W series old products, and improve EMI fail; 6. Safety upgrade of 5W, 36W, 48W, 60W series old products; 7. Lead & Complete LED change color and regulation light linear lighting driver project design; Lead & Complete LED bijou lighting driver project design; Lead & Complete LED down lighting driver project design; Lead & Complete LED reading lighting driver project design; Lead & Complete LED part lighting driver project design; Lead & Complete LED cabinet lamp driver project design and so on; 8. I have established a set of complete power test standards and test plan.
Language Skill
  • Languages:English
  • Reading&Writing:proficient
Major Way Of Contact